Green Building Mission Statement

As Green living starts to become more main stream and as the average homeowner spends a significant amount of money monthly on energy bills, it has become increasingly important for homes to have Green characteristics. NuSTART GREEN Homes has taken the steps with distressed properties to rehabilitate green and create affordable green homes. NuSTART GREEN Homes takes pride in using maintenance free and energy efficient products. By concentrating on Energy efficiency, Indoor Air Quality and our Environment, we have developed Energy Star homes that do just that. These homes are rehabbed green to save green; saving energy costs annually as well as keeping our clients comfortable and helping to protect the environment.

Our Green features include; high performance fixtures, Energy Star appliances, low VOC paint, non-toxic carpet and finishes plus much more which will help homeowners save both money and the environment.

What is Green Rehabbing?

As Green living starts to become main stream, NuSTART GREEN Homes is taking the steps with distressed houses to rehabilitate green and creating affordable green homes. Our focus is to provide you the keys to unraveling the mystery of what it means to be green. Through this information NuSTART GREEN Homes will lead you through the process of Green Rehabbing.

What Does Green Rehabbing Mean And What Are The Benefits For You, the Homeowner?

Value- A green home has greater resale value. Green homes last longer. Be prepared to leave a legacy. Green homes save you money through energy efficiency. A green home has reduced maintenance.

Enhanced Comfort- By efficiently evaluating heating and air systems, reducing air infiltration and thermal bridging (the transfer of heat or cool from the interior to the exterior through wall cavities), installing Low VOC finishes, it will enable your family to live in a healthy, comfortable environment.

Energy Efficiency- It is the goal of NuSTART GREEN Homes to make every home as energy efficient as possible saving our homeowners money as they move into their new home. As the average homeowner spends more each year on energy bills, it has become increasingly important for NuSTART GREEN Homes to design and rehab a home to improve energy efficiency, through efficient windows, better insulation, Energy Star appliances and low energy and low flow fixtures.

Environmental Conservation- As we have learned, it has become imperative we look out for the environment by not squandering our natural resources. NuSTART GREEN Homes thoroughly plans and uses building processes and products that help to reduce the impact on the environment. When we reduce our carbon footprint we are effectively reducing your carbon footprint.

Healthy Home- As more people are reporting allergies from dust and air pollutants, NuSTART GREEN Homes develops homes that will have a healthy impact on their families. By using products low in formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds we can drastically reduce the amount of pollutants introduced into the environment and our homes.

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