Prospective investors are invited to participate in this opportunity as a debt investor.  This is defined as follows:

  • Debt investors provide capital in exchange for guaranteed return on their money.
  • Interest payments are made monthly or at the end of the contract.
  • A balloon payment (initial investment + preferred return) will be returned within 6 months.
  • The loan is secured by the property
  • Debt investors do not hold any equity in the property


Our strategy for each project is as follows:

  • Purchase below market distressed property, transform into a high-performance green property
  • Capture all available rebate/incentive money, stimulus and grant funds to offset the cost of the green retrofit
  • Market strategically positioning property as a ‘green’ property.
  • Sell property within 6 months giving investors back their investment and profit.

How Do I Do It?

Self-Directed IRA

Many people may be familiar with an IRA.  Not so well known is the Self-Directed IRA.  “Self-Directed” means you make all the buying and sell decisions.  The self-directed approach makes the most sense because you are not locked into the narrow choices such as mutual fund, bank, brokerage or life insurance.  Not many people know it is absolutely legal to buy real estate in your IRA.

What can it do for you?

You can

  • Build wealth and secure your future more effectively
  • Create passive income for your retirement

For more information on the Self-Directed IRA please Download The Report Here.

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